I’m thinking around 1916 this picture was taken.  Newt would be around 12 and my dad would be 5, Roxie 10, Earl 7 and JB 2 or 3 months.   I remember Mom and dad talking about Duke Cox. What I think I remember he was a good size guy that wore overalls with no shirt. They had a well beside the front porch that had the coldest water and you drank out of one of those gourds for a ladle. Gary Some thoughts on the family photo:   1.  J. B. Briscoe was born April 27, 1916, so this photo appears to have been taken in early summer of 1916 since he appears to be 2-4 months old.   2.  Is it possible that the unknown lady resting her hand on Tom Walker's shoulder is his wife, Ida Mae, which would make the lady on the far left Viola Blanch.  If not, then I wonder if the lady resting her hand is Viola Blanch?   3.  I believe that the two blonde toddlers (#1 and #2) on the back left are Faye and Ray Morrison.  I have a photo of the twins and it looks like them.  And, it would make sense that Mary Annie Baxter would be holding one of her own children.    4.  I believe that child #6 is Wesley Cox.  As I said before, David Cox and I thought that Newt Briscoe was Wesley Cox.  If we're wrong, then the child closest in resemblance and age is #6.   5.  I think that most of the "unknown" children are Morrisons.  The photo has four unknown girls, plus the two unknown toddlers on the back row.  The problem is that there are 4 unknown girls and the Morrisons had 3 girls, 1 boy, and the twins.  Does anyone have the birth dates of the John Morrison & Mary Annie Baxter children?  I know that Hettie was born in 1905.  The Morrison kids were Hettie, Leta, Kate, Roy, Faye and Ray.  I have those birthdates somewhere, but can't find them.  So, where is Roy Morrison (unless he wasn't born yet?).    I'm getting confused.  My head hurts.    Diana Limbacher Below are a couple of e-mails that I received from Diana.  Don't know if either of you know her.  She is James Cox's daughter.  David she refers to is Duke Cox's son.  James and Duke were Tom and Emma Walker's children and lived with my grandparents (Walter & Estelle Farell) a lot after their parents died.   Diana has done a lot of family research and a cousin from Little Rock found her on a genealogy web site.  Although she lives in the Sherman/Dennison area, I have never met her.  Maybe I'll correct that someday.   Nell   I think Child #6 is probably Wesley Cox.  David Cox (Duke's son) and I were looking at this photo and we initially thought that Newt Briscoe was Wesley Cox.  If that boy is Newt, then then #6 is probably Wesley because of the strong facial resemblance and he's standing just in front of Ida Mae Cox (in Fannie's lap).    Diana Limbacher Grandma Ilene Baxter Briscoe and Family. Below are some of the comments to the picture. As soon as The missing names have been found I will  straighten out the picture. Mike